Monday, 11 April 2011

He's 'So' 'Rock & Roll'...

I figured out quite early on in my adult life that drugs and alcohol weren't really my thing. At parties, you would be more likely to see me in a corner somewhere with a bag of sweets and a bottle of Dr Pepper than passed out in the bathroom with a rusty syringe sticking out of my arm with my face caked in a mixture of vomit and brick dust. Same with gigs. As a musician, I think it's disrespectful to the people who've paid money to see you for you to stumble on stage fucked off your tits. Even going to gigs as a punter, I'd like to be able to savour and actually remember the experience of seeing a band play some tunes.

There are some personal reasons for my decision not to partake that I won't be going into, but the main thing is that I always considered the music to be enough for me. If people feel like they can't have a good time till they're three sheets to the wind and/or gangsta tripping, then that worries me, quite frankly.

'Well, you're really fucking rock & roll aren't you?' - I can tell exactly what's on your mind grapes after reading the above. But I think that's my point - when exactly did it become 'rock & roll' to get busted for drug possession, or for fighting, or for being Pete Doherty, or to be forcibly escorted from a licensed premises because you've urinated somewhere you shouldn't have, or because you're Pete Doherty?

The face of Rock & Roll: looking good, Pete!

Surely the only behaviour that can really be considered 'rock & roll' is to play a kick ass show, and live long enough to play the next one? And I can do that, and have plenty of fun along the way just fine, without any chemical assistance thank you.

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