About Me

Pic by Jon Coupe @ The Zeen
My name is Paul. Friends sometimes call me Locko, Little Paul, Paulie or P-Lo. I'm just a guy with a guitar. I play my guitar with a band called Sandbox. We're pretty good. I have a day job as a graphic designer. I'm a Mancunian living in Salford, with my wife, our new son and our two cats. I always say no to drugs. I've recently turned 30, with plenty of grey hair and a healthy amount of cynicism, largely thanks to being a lifelong supporter of Manchester City Football Club. Not much more to add really, I'm just chasing the sound of the wind in the trees...

On my little corner of the internet, you can expect to see things that interest me or piss me off from the Greater Manchester area and its music scene, random nonsense that amuses me and, occasionally, even the odd album/gig review.

If you want to get in touch, hit up the social links or send me an email: paulyloughrey@gmail.com