Monday, 23 May 2011

My Ultimate Bob Dylan Mix Tape. Not Playlist. MIX TAPE!

In honour of his Bobness' 70th birthday today (or yesterday, if you're on whichever side of the planet where it's now already tomorrow), and inspired by a quick Twitter exchange with an old buddy of mine, I decided to put together a mix tape. On an actual tape.

So I went over to my CD shelf and started selecting, a task made more difficult by my not having much space to keep all my CDs out. Luckily most of my Dylan albums are on the shelf. Some are in boxes in the big scary cupboard, along with my remaining unused supply of blank tape. But I persevered and picked out my choices for a definitive Bob Dylan mix tape.

I used to make tapes all the time, as my old car had a cassette player. But this will probably be my first in about 7 years. I'm mostly digital nowadays, with my iPod and whatnot. I've sadly fallen victim to my own need for convenience.

I miss the making and exchanging of mix tapes. It's so easy nowadays to casually drag a load of MP3 files into a list at the side of your library. I wish I had the time and energy to do my baby playlists as mix tapes. To actually have to think carefully about the musical goodness that had to inhabit two sides of 45 minutes was, despite the fact that you're effectively pirating music, an art in itself.

It was easy for me to select the songs. The tape kind of made itself in a way. These are the Dylan songs that speak to me the most, for one reason or another.

So, if anyone still gives a monkeys about this sort of thing, here it is:

Side One:

From A Buick 6
Shooting Star
Going Going Gone
Sugar Baby
SeƱor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
Most Of The Time
I And I
Love Sick

Side Two:

Simple Twist Of Fate
Dark Eyes
Heart Of Mine
Cat's In The Well
One Too Many Mornings
Diamond Joe
Ain't Talkin'
Series Of Dreams

Happy birthday Bob!

So that's my Ultimate Bob Dylan Mix Tape. Anyone out there wanna do a mix tape swap? Your fave Dylan for mine?

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  1. Here's mine, I'm more on the side of cheese, and it's definitely on a shiny circular disc.

    Simple Twist of Fate
    Mr Tambourine Man
    Gates of Eden
    Blowin' in the wind
    It's all over now, Baby Blue
    Like a rolling stone
    Masters of War
    A Hard Rain's a-gonna fall
    Don't Think twice, it's all right
    I am a lonesome hobo
    Corrina, Corrina
    All along the watchtower
    Boots of Spanish Leather
    It aint Me babe
    Most of the time
    She belongs to me