Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blue Away In Blackburn

On Monday night I was in attendance at Ewood Park, with my 6 months' pregnant wife, my sister in law, her husband and the nephew for the City game. I went in to this week still on a high after City making the cup final - I don't have a very wide frame of reference, so let me enjoy my moment.

The only drawback was that we were sat with the Blackburn fans. So I had to keep my colours neutral, my head down and my mouth shut! I managed to just about keep it together, Mrs L was the one who nearly blew our cover!

For the opening 20 minutes we battered them, looking very confident and doing some lovely passing football. Then once Blackburn got back into it, the game became very even, they just couldn't get an opening up front. David Silva was very impressive throughout, after a slow start to the season he's settled in very nicely now. If I wasn't allowed to choose Carlos Tevez, I would probably pick Silva for player of the season.

The only let down, for me and probably most other City fans, continues to be Mario Balotelli. Sure De Jong continues to maraud around the midfield like a pitbull, but he's just passionate, he's not an idiot. Generally we are a relatively clean team. Balotelli just needs to grow up and get on with his football.

When Edin Dzeko scored on 75 minutes, from where I was sat the Poznan looked incredible. Even a helium-voiced Blackburn fan behind me remarked on how impressive it looked. Sadly the atmosphere of the home side completely sank after that and they couldn't get back into it.

So an away win. Very happy with that.

So, typical City, we've still got a nail-biting finish to the season, but with a cup final to look forward to - the first one since I was in my mummy's tummy! Hopefully we'll be able to keep Spurs at bay in the league and pinch 4th place. And that would make the best season in my lifetime.

On our way out there was a gathering of Blackburn fans by the Jack Walker statue, chanting 'Kean out' and when we were passing by in the car the police were breaking up a bit of trouble. It's a shame to see that kind of thing happen.

As a City fan though, I sympathise with the plight of Blackburn. It wasn't too long ago that we were caught in relegation scraps at the bottom end of the table. But now it seems like a lot longer.

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